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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Check here first. We've answered most of the frequently asked questions by our clients. Your question not answered? Feel free to call or email! We love hearing from the community!

Is Bubble Soccer suitable for everyone?

Bubble Soccer IS suitable for everyone of all ages. We do not advise those with prior head, back, or other severe physical injuries to participate.

Is a Bubble Soccer game dangerous?

As with any athletic activity, there is a risk of injury while playing Bubble Soccer. However, the inflated Bubble is like a giant air bag so injuries are rare. We also have rules for game play that everyone must follow. This helps to keep the games safer.

Is a liability waiver required?

Yes, a liability waiver is required for everyone participating in Bubble Soccer, including minors. A parent or guardian must sign the waiver for players under the age of 18.

Do I have to know how to play soccer?

No prior knowledge of how to play soccer is necessary. The only thing you need to know is how to have a good time!

Is there an age, height, or weight limit?

There is no age limit to play. You just need to be tall enough to carry the bubble suit.

There is no height limit. We recommend players be at least 4'10" or taller to use the adult sized bubble suits. For players under 4'10", they would need to use the kid sized bubble suits.

There is no weight limit. You just need to be able to fit inside the bubble suit.

What do I wear to play Bubble Soccer?

We recommend you wear comfortable athletic clothes and sports shoes. Cleats are absolutely NOT allowed. You should also not wear any belts or jewelry of any kind while in the bubble. Before each game, you will be asked to empty your pockets and remove your jewelry for your safety.

Some players have decided to bring knee pads for extra comfort and protection. It's not required but may be a good idea if you're worried about scraping your knees

Can Bubble Soccer be played anywhere?

No. A gym or clean, dry grass surface is recommended. The bubble suits cannot be used in wet/rainy conditions. This is a safety precaution for participants as well as for our staff. It is dangerous to use the generator and electric pumps in wet/rainy conditions.

I have an outdoor event and it's raining. What now?

If it rains, you can reschedule your event for free to another day with open availability. We do not offer refunds for cancellation of an outdoor event due to weather.

Can I just rent the bubbles and do everything myself?

No. The bubbles require special expertise and equipment for proper inflation and deflation. We also require our staff to be present during use for the safety of both the participants and bubbles.

Do you have a facility where I can come play?

We do not have a facility available. We supply all the equipment and you supply the field. And we can deliver almost anywhere.

NOTE: Some parks and fields require a permit, reservation and/or use fee for some organized or team activities. It is your responsibility to take care of any requirements necessary to play on the field/venue of your choice.

Do I have to pay for setup and break down time?

We do not charge you for the setup or break down time. The listed price references the amount of time you actually get to play. So a 60 minute rental means you get 60 minutes of play time.

Will I have to pay to replace a damaged bubble suit?

Each bubble suit costs $500 to replace. During the normal course of play, sometimes a bubble suit may break. This is expected wear and tear and we will not charge for this. However, if the bubble suit breaks due to your negligence ( kicking the bubble suit deliberately, bubble suit breaks because a player is wearing cleats, you fail to remove any sharp items on your person or pockets, etc.), you will have to pay for the replacement of the bubble suit.

Do your bubble suits have a hole in the front for better communication / breathing?

No. Our bubble suits only have a hole at the top and bottom. There are safety concerns with bubble suits that have a hole in front of your face while inside. Because of those concerns, we prefer bubble suits without the front facing holes.

1. The first concern is that your head may get stuck in the hole when you get hit. This could cause a serious neck injury.

2. The second concern is that the handles end up being further apart. There is a greater risk of hitting your temples and eyes on the hard plastic handles which, again, can cause serious injury.